Our current lead time is 1 week 

If you are interested in reserving/ordering a trailer, or have an any enquiries relating to Motolug trailers, then please contact us on 01789 459 234, or email us at mail@motolug.com.  Alternatively you can order via the website, however please be advised that payment will be taken at the check out stage if you opt to pay by card.  If you wish to place an order, but would like us to take payment once your order is ready, then please select the 'cash on collection' option.  This will generate an order but the system will not ask you for any card details.

After ordering, Motolug will confirm your order, and advise an estimated delivery date based on current stock levels.  All orders will be progressed in order of date received, unless you have any urgent requests.  Meanwhile, should you have any further queries, you can email us at mail@motolug.com

Please note that when we despatch your order we use an overnight courier, however most couriers are experiencing an overwhelming demand for their services which can result in delivery delays, we are therefore unable to guarantee a delivery date. For international orders, please refer to the DELIVERY section.


What is the difference between all the Motolug trailers in the range?

We have a comparison chart on the website under the heading 'Which Trailer is for You?', which gives all the relevant information at a glance.  If you are still unsure, then please contact us on 01789 459 234 or email sales@motolug.com.


Are you open at weekends?

Our opening hours are:

Monday 9am - 3pm
Tuesday - Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 3pm


Have you got demo trailers available to view?

Yes we always have a Motolug available for demonstration purposes at our manufacturing unit:

Motolug Limited
Unit 12 Cotswold Business Centre
London Road
Moreton in Marsh
GL56 0JQ
Tel. 01789 459 234

Our demo trailers are available to view Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9am - 4pm 


What is the delivery time for a Motolug trailer?

We generally have the full range in stock for quick delivery, however during busy periods stock does fluctuate, so it is always worth planning in advance should you wish to order a trailer to ensure we can satisfy your requirements within your timescale.

*DELIVERY UPDATE -  We are currently quoting a 1 week lead time on the full range of Motolug trailers. If your order is urgent, please contact us and we will confirm if we can meet your requirements.  We are happy to reserve a trailer for you without an upfront payment. 

For international orders, please contact us prior to ordering so we can  offer you our best shipping quote - prices stated on the website could be inaccurate with the current global situation affecting worldwide shipping services.


What are the delivery costs?

Delivery costs vary depending on your location.  Mainland UK delivery costs are typically £50 for the SE/SE PLUS, £55 for the HDE and £70 for a twin trailer.   On the website, once you have selected your product and placed it in the shopping cart you can key in your location and postcode and the system will generate a shipping quote for you. Please refer to the DELIVERY section with regards to International orders.


Can you collect from Motolug directly and what are your opening hours?

You are more than welcome to collect from our manufacturing unit.  Please contact us beforehand to check the product that you require is available.

Our normal opening hours are 9.00am to 3.00pm Monday, 9 to 5pm Tuesday to Thursday, 9.00am to 3pm Friday - we are closed on Saturday and Sunday.


Do you deliver to BFPO addresses?

Unfortunately we can not deliver to BFPO addresses, the weight of the individual parcels exceeds the maximum limit of the carriers that do deliver to BFPO addresses.  We can however ship to a private dwelling or company.


Why do you not ship to the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg or France?

Please contact our distributor in the Netherlands for help regarding sales and delivery enquiries in these countries:

Femon Parts
Engelandlaan 34
2391 PN
Tel. +31 (0) 172-533829


Why do you not ship to the New Zealand?

Please contact our distributor in New Zealand for help regarding sales and delivery enquiries to New Zealand:

Bill Redman-White
Located in Hamilton, NZ

Email: bill@redman-white.com


Do the Motolug trailers have homologation?

Motolug trailers conform in all respects to the complete type approval (ECWVTA) as described in e5*2007/4681439*00 issued on 09 November 2020, previously type -approved as e11*2007/46*0651*01 on 09 May 2012 (up to and including revision 01).  The homologation certificate  e5*2007/46*1439*00 was issued by the approval body in Sweden.  All trailers are issued with a Certificate of Conformity allowing permenant registration in all EU Member States (registration is not currently a requirement in the UK).

Please note that the Motolug trailers comply with EC regulations only, which may not comply to the national standards of countries outside European Member States.  If you live outside the UK or any European Member State, we would recommend that you contact your local relevant authority before purchase to check that ECWVTA is an accepted standard in your country.


Do I have to register my Motolug trailer?

In the UK registration will be mandatory for trailers travelling internationally only if:

  • They are used commercially and weigh over 750 kg's in gross weight
  • They are not used commercially and weigh over 3500 kg's gross weight
  • Travelling through a country that has ratified the 1968 Viena Convention

All trailers weighing over 750 kg's in weight will be able to register on an optional basis, regardless of their use.  Trailers with a gross weight of 750 kg's or less WILL NOT be able to register.  All Motolug trailers have gross weight less than 750 kg's and therefore registration is not optional or mandatory.

Countries outside the UK will each have their own individual regulations regarding registering trailers and it is recommended  that they seek advice from the local Department of Transport.


What size plug is the lighting system wired into?

The Motolug lighting system is wired into a 12N 7 pin plug.  If you have a 13 pin socket, adaptors are available for conversion.


Do I need a number plate for my trailer?

Yes - this is a mandatory requirement.  The official size for the Motolug trailers is 11" x 8" (285mm x 203mm)


What is the benefit of 10" wheels?

Over the same distance travelled, the 10" will revolve less than the 8" therefore there will be less wear and tear on both the tyres and bearings.  We would however only recommend the 10" wheels if your tow ball height exceeds 16.5" (420mm) from the ground to the centre of the ball.  If you have 10" on a low tow ball you may find that when you tilt the trailer to the ground for loading that you are left with quite a gap from the ground to the rear of the trailer for loading - the same is a possibility if you have 8" wheels on a high tow ball.  Both 8" and 10" wheels have a 6ply high speed (130km/hr) rating.


How do I measure the wheelbase?

Measure from the centre of the front wheel to the centre of the rear wheel of you bike - this will give you the wheelbase.


Can I fit a jockey wheel to the Motolug trailers?

When loaded, the bike is very well balanced on the trailer which allows you to move the bike and trailer quite easily negating the need for a jockey wheel.


Can I tow the trailer unladen?

We do not recommend this as the trailer is assembled using pins and clips.  Without a load on the trailer these can potentially move around and may cause wear and tear to both the pins and the pin holes.  Should it be absolutely necessary then forming a diamond shaped formation around the trailer with straps will reduce the movement of the pins and act as though it is laden.


Can you lock the trailer?

There is a small hole in the hitch handle that opens when the hitch is attached to a tow ball.  This can take up to a 6mm long shackled padlock. 


What maintenance is required and what should I do if my Motolug trailer requires a repair?

Maintenance details are stated in the Instruction Manual supplied with your trailer.  If your Instruction Manual is lost, or you require further information regarding the maintenance of your trailer, please email mail@motolug.com, or discuss your enquiry with us by telephoning 01789 459 234. 

Should your Motolug trailer require a repair, please email us on mail@motolug.com or telephone 01789 459 234, alternatively you can make an appointment to visit the Motolug manufacturing unit at Unit 12, Cotswold Business Village, Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire, GL56 0JQ.


What warranty is on the trailers?

We offer a 12 month warranty on all the Motolug trailers.


What are the correct wheel pressures for the trailers?

These are also stated in the Instruction Manual that was supplied with your trailer. Tyre pressures stated in psi.

  SE         SE PLUS HDE       TE         
8"     30 35 45 60
10" 30 30 40 45


I want to order a spare part that is not listed on the website, how can I do this?

Please call us on 01789 459 234 or email sales@motolug.com, we will do what we can to help.


My scooter only has 12" wheels, will the loading system work with this?

The loading system has been designed to take many sizes of motorcycle wheels and can adjust to fit a 12" wheel, however as there is not much weight at the front end of scooters you may find that the loading system will not hold the bike in place sufficiently to hold the bike in place to leave you hands free to strap the bike down.


Will my Vespa type scooter be ok on a Motolug trailer?

Whilst the Motolug trailers have been designed to transport the majority of bikes there are always going to be exceptions.  Smaller scooters do not have much ground clearance and low lying parts such as the centre stand may fowl on the lighting brackets that are attached to the side of the trailer beam when loading.


I have a sidecar combination, would your TE twin trailer be suitable for this?

Unfortunately not, the wheel track of the combination exceeds that of the twin trailer which can not be adapted to suit


Will my Piaggio MP3 fit on the TE twin trailer?

Sorry no, we do not have a trailer suitable for this type of bike.


What is the distance between the centre of the two main beams on the TE trailer (I am unsure whether my two bikes will clash or not)?

The distance between the two centre of the two beams is 780 mm (30.5").  It would be worth measuring the distance from the centre of each bike to the widest point on the two bikes, that are to be towed, (mirrors/handlebars/engine guards) to gauge if there will be enough room for them both prior to ordering a TE trailer.


I have a Suzuki Burgman, I have heard that this is not suitable for the SE model, but the wheelbase and weight indicates that it should be?

The majority of bikes in this category are suitable for the SE trailer.  Like anything there are always exceptions to the rule.  Whilst the Burgman will fit comfortably on the SE trailer it tends to be back heavy and this causes a negative nose weight on the SE trailer - this is the case with most large scooters.  Thiese bikes are much better suited to the HDE model.  The HDE model is longer at the front end than the SE which balances out the weight of the bike more proportionally.  This is one of the reasons also why bigger heavier bikes such as Harley Davidson's and Honda Goldwing's are better suited to the HDE trailer model.


I have a Smart car or similar - can the TE trailer handle this?

No, the Motolug TE trailer has been designed to carry motorbikes only up to a maximum carrying capacity of 590kg's.  These type of cars tend to weigh more than this and have a wider wheel track than that of the TE trailer which can not be adjusted. 


Are there changes to travelling with a trailer in Mainland Europe due to Brexit?

The UK’s departure from the European Union (EU) will mean changes to travel to mainland Europe with a trailer as from 28th September 2021.

From this date you will need to display a UK sticker and the GB sticker needs covering or removed.  In addition, a separate UK sticker must be displayed on the rear of your car and any towed trailers when travelling to Spain, Malta and Cyprus. This must be a white oval with a minimum size of 175mm x 115mm, black letters with a minimum height of 80mm and the font stroke must be at least 10mm.

If your number plate includes the UK identifier with the union flag you don't need a separate UK sticker unless travelling to one of the in the countries listed above.