Motolug HDE

Recommended for longer heavier bikes - thicker guage steel, longer front beam, wider rear beam and wider axle caters for big bikes such as Gold Wings and Harley Davidsons



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Motolug HDE
Motolug HDE Motolug HDE Motolug HDE Motolug HDE
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Motolug HDE description

Available as a single trailer only, the HDE trailer is manufactured from a heavier guage steel than the SE and SE Plus trailers.  With a wider axle, longer front beam and wider rear beam, a higher carrying capacity of 450kg's and a longer wheelbase of 1750mm, the HDE trailer suits most bikes, but has been designed to also accommodate the larger heavier bikes such as Honda Goldwing's and Harley Davidson's.  These additional features contribute to maintaining a good centre of balance whilst towing a heavy bike. Despite being heavier and longer than the standard SE and SE Plus Motolug trailers, the HDE shares many characteristics and is fully collapsible and compact for ease of storage.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, all Motolug HDE trailers carry statutory plates stating their own unique VIN number and have EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval which certifies the homologation of the vehicle in accordance with Directive 2007/46/EC.  Depending on your requirements, all trailers are supplied with either a UK or EU version of the certified lighting system which is wired to a 7 pin plug.

Motolug HDE Specifications

Trailer Specification
Capacity: Single Bike
Unladen Weight: 75 kg
Maximum Gross Weight: 525 kg
Maximum Bike Weight: 450 kg
Trailer Length: 2700 mm
Maximum Wheelbase: 1750 mm
Trailer Width: 1510 mm
Maximum Front Type Width: 155 mm
Maximum Rear Tyre Width: 240 mm
Suspension Type, torsion bar over rubber rated too: 750 kg
Wheels: 8" high speed 6 ply tyres
Lighting System: 7 pin plug, forward facing lamps, 3 function combination (brake, indicator, tail) , fog lamp, number plate illuminator, number plate bracket (to take a square number plate). UK or EU versions available
Hitch: 50mm (hole in handle to accommodate a long shackled padlock once attached to vehicle)
Statutory Plate (Attached to hitch assembly displaying VIN Number): Yes
Pin Kit: consisting of, 2 x long pins, 11 x short pins, 2 linch pins, 11 x r clips
Loading System: supplied with long pin and r clip (attaches to front end of trailer beam. Once bike is loaded the loading system holds the front wheel in place allowing the bike to remain upright whilst user straps the bike down)
Axle: 1200 mm
Further Information
Warranty: 12 Months (see Terms and Conditions)
Instruction Leaflet Provided: Yes
EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate of Conformity: Yes
10” Wheel Upgrade Available: Yes

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